Pavilion Rental Agreement



Rental Agreement


Policies and Regulations


Fee Schedule


Government/Non-Profit/Town Resident Rate                        $100.00 per day

(Non-profit organizations as defined by the IRS)


Commercial/Non-Town Resident Rate                                   $200.00 per day

Damage Deposit (Refundable)                                                   $300.00

Curtain Rental                                                                                $200.00

Additional Trash Dumpster                                                        $30.00 Each

Police/Security                                                                              $ Rate Per Hour

Electricity                                                                                       $50.00 Per Daily Event





Rental Times for the Lions Pavilion daily are:

1). 7:00 – 11:00 AM

2).12:00 – 4:00 PM

3).   5:00-10:00 PM

Two Blocks equal daily fees.

One Block equal one half of daily fees.

Rental fee schedule is subject to change without notice.


General Policy


All federal and state laws and town ordinance are to be observed.


Requests for use will not be guaranteed inside of seven (7) business days.


Decisions to grant use of the Lions Pavilion will be made in accordance with the following prioritized ranking of users and user groups:


1.  Town of Fort Kent Recreation and Parks Department

2.  Programs sponsored by the Lions Club

3.  Programs sponsored by town-affiliated non-profit organizations

4.  All other functions scheduled on a first-come first-served basis.


Requests will not be granted to groups that have exhibited unacceptable conduct during previous rentals at this pavilion.


The renter shall pay the rental fee to hold the event date.  Fees shall be paid at the time the reservation is made.


Town of Fort Kent and its employees are not responsible for lost or stolen property.


Fees may be charged for special events to cover the costs of Town employees providing services in association with the event. 


Use of charcoal grills, propane grills, open flames (i.e. candles) and fog machines in pavilion is prohibited.


Youth groups, or rentals on behalf of youths, must have a minimum ratio of 1 to 12, adults to youth.


The facility and surrounding park area must be vacated no later than 10 PM or as otherwise stated.


Parking is allowed in designated areas only.  Driving or parking on the grass or trails is not permitted.




Notice of cancellation must be given to the Pavilion Management Committee (PMC) at least seven (7) business days prior to the scheduled date of activity or forfeit payments made.


Renter Responsibilities


The rental agreement must be signed by a legally responsible party, who must be at least twenty-one (21) years of age.


The user is responsible for all guests, caterers, vendors and service providers associated with the event and shall abide by the rules set by the PMC.  Any damage to the site or building is the liability of the renter and may result in denied use of the facility in the future, as well as, additional charges,


All plans and arrangements are to be reviewed and approved by the PMC.


All set up and take down will be the responsibility of the renting party.


Use of Facility


Do not tape, staple, nail or attach in any other way items to the Pavilion structure.  The construction of the Pavilion involved a great deal of time, effort, and money, so please, treat it with the respect it deserves!


Banners, signs and other such items May not be taped, nailed, stapled, or attached in any other way  to the Pavilion.  If you need to have your banner/sign displayed inside or outside, arrange to have freestanding poles for attachment to.


The collection and/or removal of all trash generated by the event is the responsibility of the renter.  Waste receptacles will not be provided by the Town.


Additional charges for damages and/or improper clean up will be the responsibility of the renting party.  All clean-up must be completed within 24 hours of event ending.


Alcoholic beverages and Tobacco products are prohibited in Town of Fort Kent pavilion and buildings and on all park grounds.


The use of sound amplifying equipment will be monitored to ensure noise levels are comfortable for all other park users.


The PMC shall have the right to enforce the Lions Pavilion facility rental policies.  This includes cancellation of rental, at any time during the rental period for violation of the rules.





The Renter herby agrees to obtain a Certificate of Insurance with a Minimum $1,000,000.00 bodily injury and property damage liability limit per occurrence, per event, and naming the Town of Fort Kent as an additional insured.


$1M Host Liquor Liability (with Town Council Approval)



Lions Pavilion

Riverside Park



Liquor Hosted Events                          Private                        Public/Non-Profit


Daily Rental                                                    $300.00                                   $150.00

Daily Electricity                                              $  50.00                                   $  50.00

Privacy Curtain                                               $200.00                                   $200.00

Dumpster                                                        $  50.00                                   $  50.00

Calculate Rental Costs:                    $600.00                                   $450.00



Additional Associated Costs:


Damage Deposit*                                              $300.00                                   $300.00

Police @ $65/hr**                                             $195.00                                   $195.00

General & Liquor Liability Insurance             $300.00                                   $300.00

Licensed Liquor Caterer                                     ?????                                       ??????

Other:  Table & chair rental, clean-up             ?????                                       ??????



*Paid separately and refunded if no damages found.

**Coordinated with Fort Kent Police Department.




Lions Pavilion Rental Application


Sponsoring Organization:_________________________________________________________


Contact Person:_______________________________________________________________________


Mailing Address:_______________________________________________________________________


Home Phone#:___________     Work Phone#:________________    Cell Phone#:________________


E-Mail Address:____________________________________________________________________


Reservation Date Requested:______________________________    Time:_____________________


Detailed Description of Event:_______________________________________________________






Number of participants expected:___________________________



______  Damage Deposit

______  Rental

______  Electricity

______  Other


I have read, understand, will comply with and agree to be bound by the restrictions and conditions stated in the attached Lions Pavilion Rental Policy including, without limitation, all indemnification provisions.

X_____(Applicant’s initials)


I understand and agree that if the Lions Pavilion is used in a manner not permitted by the Town of Fort Kent or damaged during my rental period, then the Town may:  ban me and/or my organization from using this facility, seek reimbursement from me for damages to Town property, and subject me to other enforcement action as authorized by law.  X______ (Applicant’s initials)


____________________________________                                    _____________________

Applicant’s Signature                                                                                                 Date





                        Rental Date:_________                    Reservation Made on:_____________

                                Deposit/Damage Fee Due:________              Received:  Yes_____  No:__________

                                Deposit:_____________                   Amount Refunded:________________

                                Rental Fee:___________                  Date:___________________________

                                Total Due:___________   Check:______________  Cash:____________


                                _______________________________                              _______________

                                Signature signifies that renter has paid required fees.                   Date      

Fort Kent Recreation and Parks Department


Facility Use


Waiver, Release and Agreement to Hold Harmless


In consideration for being allowed to use Fort Kent Recreation and Parks facilities, I hereby agree to assume all risk of injury, harms or damage to my person or property (including all risk of injury, harm or damage caused by the negligence of the Fort Kent Recreation and Parks Department, its Directors, administrations, agents and employees) arising or occurring during the use of Recreation and Park facilities. I hereby release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Fort Kent Recreation and Parks Department, its Directors, administrators, agents and employees, from any kind or nature whatsoever (including liability, actions, damages, and claims caused by or arising from the negligence of the Fort Kent Recreation and Parks Department, its Directors, administrators, agents, and employees) for injury or harm to person or property that may arise or occur during use of facilities.


If any part of the agreement is held to be unenforceable, then all other parts of this agreement shall be enforceable to the full extent permitted by law.


I have read the above document carefully before signing it and sign it voluntarily with full knowledge of its significance.




_____________                          _________________________________________________

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