Town of Fort Kent Roads are now Restricting Vehicle Weight Posted Ways

Do to the warm temperatures this year we have decided to post our roads early. If the weather would turn cold (30 degrees or lower) a truck can travel on a posted road as long as it does’ not tear up the street. This year we have changes to our posted road ordinance that will affect this frozen road exception starting April 1 of this year. This means that a truck will not be able to haul a load with a gross weight of 23,000 lbs or more on a posted road even if the air temperature drops to below 30 degrees. The Town will issue permits for special commodities or perishable products as needed and if it will not damage the road. We also have a special permit that can be applied for special situations that arise. You can view the permits on the town of Fort Kent web site under the heading of “Ordinances” under "Restricting Vehicle Weight on Posted Ways Ordinance."  The permits can be obtained through the Police Department working with the Public Works Director.

Thank you

Tony Theriault

Fort Kent Public Works