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Suzie Paradis, Town Manager - Tax Assessor/Collector 834-3136

Paula Bouchard, Finance Director

Angela Coulombe, Town Clerk/Assessor

Sherry Plourde, Municipal Clerk/ Deputy Clerk/ BMV Agent

Corrinna Thibodeau, Municipal Clerk


Fire Department

Ed Endee, Fire Chief,




Andrew Birden, Library Director,

Phone: 834-3048

Office of Planning and Economic Development


Cindy Bouley, Community & Public Relations Grant Writer - ECD 

Cole Pelletier, Code Enforcement Officer & Community Planner 

Bruce Labbe, Plumbing Inspector

Phone: 834-3507

For Inquiries

& More Information Contact



Police Department


Michael Delena, Police Chief

Cole Pelletier, Sergeant Police Officer

Daniel J. Plourde, Police Officer


Mark Belanger, Police Officer


Trevor Bellefleur, Police Officer

 Michael Paradis, Reserve Police Officer

Rachel Johnson, Police Officer

Jessica Combs, Reserve Police Officer 

Phone: 834 5678



Julie Dumond, Dispatcher


Emily Finson, Dispatcher


David Michaud, Dispatcher

Isabelle Lozier, Dispatcher

Virginia McGregor, Reserve Dispatcher 

Phone: 834-5678

Public Works Department     


Tony Theriault, Dept. Head 

Chad Pelletier, Equipment Operator 

Bradley Michaud, Equipment Operator/Mechanic 


Marc Pelletier, Equipment Operator

Robert Plourde, Equipment Operator


Phone: 834-3253

Recreation & Parks Department


Jason Nadeau, Rec & Parks Director 


Eric Burube, Laborer 

Phone: 834-3730 


Water and Wastewater Department 


Greg Bernier, Dept. Head


Ricky Berube, Foreman

Tobey Caron, Laborer

Allen Roy, Laborer


Bruce Fournier, Seasonal 


Phone: 834-3003


Town Council


Corey Pelletier, Chairman

Carroll Theriault, Councilor 

Jake Robichaud, Councilor 

Joey Ouellette, Councilor 

Andrew Caron, Councilor

Phone: 834-3090

Planning Board


Daniel Nicolas, Chair

James Levasseur, Secretary 


John Bouchard, Board Member


Steven Chabot, Vice Chair  


Joseph Bouchard, Board Member 


Richard Douglas, Alternate #1 


Tom Daigle, Alternate #2 

Inquiries More Information

Phone: 834-3507

Zoning Board of Appeals


Zachary Voisine, Chair 834-3507


Mark Albert, Vice Chair 834-3507 


Robert Lozier, Board Member 834-3507 


Ryan Malmborg, Board Member 834-3507  


Raymond Sirois, Board Member 834-3507  


Lance Morin, Alternate #1 834-3507 


Vacant Alternate #2 834-3507 


Inquiries More Information 834-3507

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