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Fort Kent Police Department


The Fort Kent Police Department strives to create an atmosphere of partnership with the community toward a common goal of protecting and enhancing the overall quality of life through mutual trust and respect and the fair and equitable enforcement of the law while carefully safeguarding the dignity of those we serve.


Our dispatchers are highly trained and able to calmly handle any situation or those looking to have questions answered.  The Police Department also serves as the dispatching authority for the Fort Kent Fire Department, Saint Francis Fire Department, and Ambulance Service Inc., ensuring a timely response to any emergency in our community.   After normal business hours, the dispatchers are the answering service for Daigle Funeral Home.

The Fort Kent Police Department is also the authorized drop-off location for unused/expired prescription medications and participates in the Cary Community Needle Disposal Program (sharps).


Fort Kent Police Department

416 West Main Street

Fort Kent, ME  04743

Non-emergency Number:  (207) 834-5678

Emergency Number:  911

Fax:  (207) 834-3126

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